To Become The Excellent Divisional Secretariate In Kegalle District


''To uplift the life standard of the community in the region through an efficient sustainable and a strategic development plan with the peoples participation and resource coordination and providing the public service according to government policies.''

History of Aranayaka Divisional Secretariat..............

Galbada Korale Divisional revenue officers office was established at Dippitiya area in a temporary building and then it was transferred to the present land at the time of Mr. A.M.S.B Adhikari’s period as Assistant Government agent, Aranayake.
Divisional Assistant Government Agent office, Aranayake was declared open by Hon Minister Mr.  K.W Devanayagam on 3rd April 1980 invited by Hon MP Aranayake, Mr. Wasantha Udayarathna.
After the transformation of the AGA Office as Divisional Secretariat, Aranayake Divisional Secretariat was declared opened on 15th September in 1992 by Hon. Minister Home Affairs Mrs. Amara Piyasili Ratnayake.

Overview of the division

Aranayake Divisional secretariat is situated in Kegalle district of the Sabaragamuwa province of  Sri Lanka. It is devided in to 61 grama niladhari divisions and there are 160 villages in the division.
Total land area belongs to Aranayake divisional secretariat is 119.47 km2. Total population is 187,455 including 88,004 male population  and 99,451 female population according to the census and statistics of Sri Lanka 2012.
Boundaries of the Divisional secretariat
North - Mawanella Divisional secretariat
South-east - Kandy district
South - Yatiyanthota Divisional secretariat
West and North west – Kegalle divisional secretariat
Mean annual rainfall is 2500-3000 mm in the division. Main water source is the Ma Oya and Kuda oya gurugoda oya are the branches of it.
Aranayake division belongs magnificent sceneries of mother nature and historical sites which presents the National Heritage.  Among that Bathalegala, Asupini Ella, Ma oya and  Balumgala are the priceless gifts of mother nature. Selawa Rajamaha viharaya, Devanagla purana viharaya and  wakirigala viharaya  tell the historical legend of the area. According to the legends, history of the Aranayake  goes back to the era of King Rawana. Legends tell that King Rawana has hidden Seetha deviya at the place call Rahala gala which is situated at Aranayake division. Also historical sites such as historical temples are the evidences for the urbanization of this area at the Kingdom era. Furthermore, history tell about the time period which the country was govern by the British rulers locating a center at the Attapitiya area in Aranayake division.

Role performed at Divisional secretariat





Mr. A.M.S.B Adhikari

Divisional Revenue Officer/Assistant Government Agent


Mr. W.Godawela

Assistant Government Agent


Mr P.H Gamage

Assistant Government Agent


Mr. A.M.S.B Adhikari

Assistant Government Agent


Mr. S.P. Sunilhewa

Assistant Government Agent


Mr S.W. amarathunga

Assistant Government Agent


Mr. A.K. Dharmadasa

Divisional Secretary


Mr. K.P Perera

Divisional Secretary


Mr. W.A.R Wimalasiri

Divisional Secretary


Mr. Wanninayake

Divisional Secretary

2011 up to 2015

Mr. A.R Rajaratna

Divisional Secretary

2015-present Mr.Z.A.M.Faizal

Divisional Secretary

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